Business Plan

Step 12: Business Plan


A business plan is essential for the running of any venture no matter how big or small. It is not just THE basis of your applications for grants and private funding, but it will also act as a much-needed fixed point in the otherwise hectic world of running a business.

The purpose of the business plan is to:

  • Establish the feasibility of the idea
  • Document the plan for the business
  • Act as a measure for performance and progress
  • Communicate your plans for the business to outsiders and investors


The contents of a business plan could be set out like this:

  Print Business Plan Content


There is no requirement on length of the business plan, but it should be factual and clearly written and provide the relevant information required by lending organisations.

In producing a business plan, you should seek help from the Kildare Local Enterprise Office.  KLEO have developed a very useful “Draft Business Plan Template” and a “Start-Up” booklet for support to anyone developing a business plan.  Both of these guides are available to download from the KLEO website.  In addition to this, KLEO has teamed up with to offer access to a new Business Start Up Tool.  The “nubie, from start to business tool” is an online service which gives you step by step instructions on how to start, fund, manage and grow your business.  Further details and “Sign Up” is available on the KCEB website.


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