KCCC Better Business Outreach Programme


Aims & Proposed Outcomes of the Programme:

  • KCCC will identify the issues impacting on service sustainability and develop appropriate support structures given the resources available.
  • Services will be supported with tools providing contextual information to support facilities in evaluating sustainability in their services.
  • Services will have increased understanding of the basics of “sustainability”.

“Better Business” Outreach Programme Process:

  • Step 1: Invitation to participate
  • Step 2:  Baseline Assessment Tool
    • Completion of a Baseline Assessment Tool with provider on-site which includes following areas
      •  Sustainability
      • Financial Management
      • Management of Operations
      • Marketing & Customer Service
      • Quality and Staff Management
      • Policies, Procedures and Records
      • Governance and Legal Structure

Step 3: Better Business Health Check Report

  • KCCC reviews the assessment and will complete Business Health Check Report. 
  • KCCC provides the report to provider to review.
  • A telephone consultation is then held with the provider where levels of support required from KCCC are discussed. 

Step 4: Action Plan

  • If required a follow on-site consultation is organised to agree entry into a Support Agreement and development of an Action Plan.
  • Individualised Business Action Plans are developed with an agreed timescale for completion

Step 5: Support and Development

  • Support and information will continue to be provided to the childcare provider through email/telephone or additional one to one consultations if deemed necessary until the completion of the business action plan.
  • The childcare provider may be referred to other KCCC personnel for additional expertise or any relevant outside agency

‚ÄčStep 6: Evaluation of Supports

  • Evaluations will be conducted with childcare providers through during and at the end of the support programme.

Contact for Support



Call us for support: 045-861307


KCCC are committed to supporting childcare providers and supporting sustainability throughout the sector. 

Sustainability is a key priority area. 


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