Management Committees

Step 14: Management Committees


Management Committees for Community-Based Not-for-Profit Childcare Services

Every community based childcare service will need a governing body; this is a group of people to manage its affairs. This is usually called a management committee. 

This should comprise of members who have the skills to support all of the sectors of the service from personnel, finance, employment, childcare, parent’s representative and staff  representative.

The Committee should reflect representation from the major stakeholders and the community which it serves.

The Management Committee plays an important role in the organisation as both leaders and decision-makers. Their overall responsibilities are summarised below.


Overview of the role of Management Committees

The Management committee is responsible for;

  • Running the group and meetings
  • The policies of the group 
  • Keeping the group focused on its function
  • Legal requirements
  • Constitution and Charitable status:
  • Childcare (pre-school service) 
  • Health and Safety 
  • Adult Child ratios  
  • Income Tax:
  • Employers Registration Tax
  • Day to Day Finances
  • Administration issues
  • Employer duties
  • Employee duties 
  • General organisation


Overview of Responsibilities 

  • The Management Committee ensures that everything the organisation does supports its vision, purpose and aims. They establish the fundamental values, the ethical principles and strategic direction in which the organisation operates.
  • The Management Committee must account for everything the organisation does, including its spending and activities.
  • The Management Committee is accountable to the membership of the organisation and other key stakeholders such as funders and donors. The Management Committee monitors and evaluates all areas of the organisation's performance.
  • The Management Committee ensures compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements and seeks guidance around any uncertainties. Everything the Management Committee and the organisation do must also be in line with its governing document, e.g. constitution and/or memorandum and articles of association.
  • The Management Committee ensures that all money, property and resources are properly used; managed and accounted for-in order to be   accountable, suitable systems must be in place and kept up to date.
  • The Management Committee is essentially the employer. They must ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place for staff and volunteers, and that both are properly managed and supported. The Management Committee, normally represented by the Chairperson, directly line manages the most senior staff member.


Officers Roles in the Management Committee

The Chairperson

The Chairperson of an organisation has three main elements to his/her remit as follows: 

  • Assisting with the managerial direction of the organisation
  • Acting as spokesperson/figurehead
  • Planning and running the meetings by calling the meetings and drawing up the agenda, ensuring minutes of each meeting are taken
  • Ensuring policies are effective and put into practice
  • Make essential, emergency decisions
  • Help workers with difficult decisions


The Vice Chairperson

  • Act as chair, sometimes at short notice
  • General support to the chair


The Secretary

The Secretary's main responsibilities are:

  • Supporting the administration of the organization
  • Facilitating and supporting committee meetings
  • Help the chair plan meetings and draw up the agenda
  • Ensure meetings are held properly
  • Send out dates and times of meetings    
  • Taking and distributing minutes of meetings
  • Dealing with correspondence
  • Informing relevant persons of correspondence received
  • Writing letters
  • Write up and present Annual Report at A.G.M.


The Treasurer

The Treasurer main responsibilities are:

  • Making sure the organisation has the right financial policies and procedures in place
  • Ensure money is spent correctly
  • Ensure bills are paid
  • Supply regular financial reports to the committee to enable informed decision making
  • Oversee day to day finance operations
  • Have a general financial oversight
  • Monitor funding
  • Take responsibility for financial planning and budgeting
  • Financial reporting to Funders etc.
  • Record-keeping
  • Control of fixed assets
  • Present annual accounts at A.G.M.
  • Prepare statements of accounts and have them audited at the end of the year.
  • The treasurer could also be responsible for Banking: The coordination of grant applications and fundraising: and the Payroll 


Membership of a Management Committee

It is of fundamental importance that there is a real commitment by members to taking part in a management committee

A good committee member:

  • Commits to preparing for and attending meetings
  • Has a good understanding of the organisation, what it does and how it does it
  • Is not afraid to ask questions
  • Agrees to stick to the majority decision
  • Supports fellow committee members and staff
  • Acts as an advocate for the organisation


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