Childminding Development Grant


Childminding Development Grant

The Childminding Development Grant has been announced for 2021!

The purpose of the Childminders Development Grant is to offer an incentive, in the form of a small capital grant, to Childminders to enhance and support their awareness of quality childcare.

The Childminders Development Grant is designed to assist Childminders, already providing a childminding service in their own homes, to enhance safety/quality in the service through the purchase of small capital items, equipment, toys or minor adaptation costs.  It may also give financial assistance to new or prospective Childminders with their initial set up costs. All applicants must be committed to maintaining/improving the quality of their childminding service.

What funding is available under the Childminder Development Grant?
The maximum grant available to a Childminder, who fully meets the criteria of the scheme, is 90% of total receipted eligible childcare expenditure, subject to a maximum grant of €1,000.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?


A Childminder who is:

a) Providing an existing childminding service carried out in the Childminder’s home


b) Proposing a new childminding service to be carried out in the Childminder’s home


A Childminder who provides/proposes to provide childminding services (not including Childminders own children) for at least:

a) 3 children on a part time basis


b) 1 child on a full-time basis and 1 child on a part time basis


Must provide evidence of appropriate insurance (must show valid insurance period)


Must provide evidence of Tusla Children First E-Learning programme


Required to operate as a Childminder for a minimum of two years following receipt of the grant.


You can download the APPLICATION FORM here.

Completed application forms should be emailed to Meath County Childcare Committee at by close of business 16 July 2021. No applications will be accepted after 16 July 2021.

Please contact Amy at if you require any assistance with your application.

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