Parent and Toddler

Parent and Toddler group grants for 2020 have not been announced due to the Covid 19 measures

Usually the following rules apply to the scheme:

  • Successful applicants are required to submit receipts as evidence of expenditure
  • If a P & T Group wishes to change their approved expenditure, they must apply in writing to Kildare CCC prior to purchasing new item.  Kildare CCCs decision will be confirmed in writing
  • Successful applicants may receive a support visit from the Kildare CCC

What Kildare County Childcare can do for you? 

Kildare County Childcare Committee is available to support anyone wishing to set up a Parent and Toddler group or those currently running one.  We can provide information which promotes the provision of a quality service that runs smoothly and conveniently for all the children and parents attending.  We can assist you in choosing toys and activities which are developmentally appropriate; encourage adult child interactions or we may be able to put you in contact with relevant agencies or organisations.   

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