Childcare for Homeless Families

Childcare is available for families who are homeless in Kildare.
Should you know of a family experiencing homelessness, who are not availing of this entitlement, please put them in touch with ourselves (email, Tel 045 861307) or any childcare service in the county who are registered for CCSP. Please note the entitlement is for full daycare for children under 5 and for the school holidays for children aged 6-12.

Community Childcare Subvention Resettlement (Transitional) (CCSR(T))


As part of the “Rebuilding Ireland – an Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness”, DCYA launched a special provision under the current Community Childcare Subvention Programme, entitled CCSR (Transitional), which provides access to free childcare for children of families experiencing homelessness.

The provision provides subvention for all pre-school children aged 0 to 5 inclusive and 6 to 12 year olds during the school holidays only. The scheme is also designed to help those transitioning from homelessness to permanent accommodation.

CCSRT is available through all services participating in the CCSP programme.

A hot meal is included on each day a child is participating in CCSR (T).

Eligibility for CCSR(T) Participating pre-school going children must be between 0 – 5yrs on their start date and school-aged children between 6 and 12 years are eligible during school holiday periods only.

The eligibility of the applying parent/guardian is determined in Kildare by Kildare County Council (once a family is declared homeless they are eligible).

CCSRT Verification Form

CCSR(T) Programme Rules

Duration of programme 

The programme year for 2018/2019 is 20th August 2018 to 16th August 2019.

Types of places under CCSR(T) Programme CCSR(T) services will only offer childcare places for the following session types:

  • Part-time places (between 3 hours 31 minutes and 5 hours per day)
  • Sessional places (between 2 hours 16 minutes and 3 hours 30 minutes per day)

Programme rates

A different payment rate is attributed to each type of placement. 

  • For part-time childcare over 5 days per week, a flat rate of €160 per week, will be paid in relation to each child attending under CCSR(T), for the eligible duration of their childcare place. A daily meal must be provided for each child, the cost of which is included in the subvention rate.
  • ii. For sessional childcare over 5 days per week, a rate of €87.50 will be paid in relation to each child attending for the eligible duration of their childcare place.  A daily meal is also to be provided for each child, the cost of which is included in the subvention rate.
  • Required documents/information . A verification form stamped by Kildare County Council housing section is required – Please click here for the form.


  • A CCSR(T) Parental Declaration Form will be made available to the relevant service providers who must complete this form manually and retain for compliance. 


  • iii. In order to confirm eligibility, both the Parent’s and Child’s Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) are required, as well as the child’s date of birth, when the CCSR(T) Child Registration Form is being completed.

Documentation containing PPSN and any other personal information must be destroyed once no longer required.

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