Our Mission

Our Mission


Kildare County Childcare Committee Values:

  • The Rights of Children
  • Childcare and Education as a Profession
  • Partnership, Collaboration and Volunteerism
  • Parents right to an Informed Choice
  • The Role of Quality Early Childhood Care and Education in Strengthening Families, Communities and Society.
  • Equality of Opportunity.


KCCC is funded by the Government to deliver early childhood care and education programmes which support children and families. This work is set out in the National Strategic Plan 2011 – 2013 Early Childhood Care and Education Programmes. The objectives of the National Strategy are:

  1. To develop comprehensive childcare supports, infrastructure and services where the holistic wellbeing of children and families are fundamental.
  2. To enhance quality early childhood education and care and school age provision
  3. To consolidate investment in the sector in order to support the continuing development of a stable, integrated and sustainable infrastructure.
  4. Through ongoing professional development, to build on the capacity of the ECCE sector to enhance and develop quality services for children and their families.
  5. To ensure effective and transparent  collaboration, communication and consultation, and optimum use of resources by all stakeholders in early childhood care and education






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