Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Training 2018


"Over-all programme was delivered extremely well. Frequent group changes were good" (Session 1 participant)


"Really enjoyable and eye-opening" (session 2 participant)


"It was a very enjoyable course. It was great to see how other services work. The two girls were so nice and made us feel comfortable" (Session 6 participant)


Better Business Outreach Programme 2017


"Thanks so much for all your advice. I really appreciate your advice, help and support and hope KCCC value your very hard work."


“Thanks so much for helping me out with this.  I look forward to your visits and am learning lots.”


“Thanks for this, it’s good to get an outside perspective on how the service is operating and where we need to focus.   This financial spreadsheet is going to be so helpful.

Diversity , Equality and Inclusion Training 2017


"This programme is fantastic and should be considered mandatory for all in the sector" (Group 1 participant).

"I loved the programme, got great ideas" (Group 3 participant)

"Made me more confident in the area of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion" (Group 7 participant)

"Very Informative, enjoyable and interesting" (Group 8 participant)

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