KCCC welcomes Budget 2018 announcements

Kildare County Childcare Committee welcomes the Budget 2018 announcements regarding the government’s early years programmes.

The increased Programme Supports payments mean that recognition is being given to the time providers spend planning and completing administration outside of the classroom.

The change to the ECCE programme will mean that all children will now receive 2 full years preschool fixes an anomaly that put some children in an unfair position (see appendix 1 below). This will also help providers as they will only have one intake per year, rather than 3 as has been the case.

The increased ECCE capitation also recognises the costs of running a quality early years’ service and goes some way to assist further in these costs.

The continuation of the Affordable Childcare subsidy and increases to targeted programmes as introduced in September 2017 is good news for parents also.

All of these measures are steps in the right direction, which can be built on year on year.



Appendix 1

New ECCE eligibility details: