DCYA weather update 27/02/2018

Update to the Early Years and School Age Childcare Sector

The DCYA has attended a further meeting of the National Emergency Coordination Group (NECG) to monitor the emerging weather situation. Severe weather is expected towards the latter end of this week. DCYA is asking childcare services to be aware of local weather warnings and travel restrictions that may affect their service. 

The worst weather is currently predicted to occur on Thursday and Friday. DCYA will continue to attend the daily meetings of the NECG and monitor the situation as it evolves. 

Communicating with parents

In particular DCYA asks that childcare providers maintain contact with parents throughout the week in order to keep them informed and to allow time for planning to minimise any possible disruptions. 

The safety and welfare of children, providers, staff and parents should be carefully considered by each service and if a childcare service is forced to close due to the worsening weather conditions we encourage childcare services to communicate this to the parents in their service as early as possible. 

We encourage both childcare services and parents to visit the Winter Ready website for advice (www.winterready.ie) and make the appropriate preparations. 

Should conditions in your area worsen to an extent where you cannot open your service safely, Clause 12 of the Grant Agreement for DCYA programmes refers to Force Majeure and the fact that services forced to close will be paid for children registered for current schemes. 

In the event that you must invoke Force Majeure, please download and complete the Force Majeure form from PIP and send onwards to pipdocuments@pobal.ie within four weeks. Should you require support with this process please contact Online Support by emailing onlinesupport@pobal.ie or call 01 511 7222 

DCYA will continue to update the sector via PIP updates and communication with stakeholders as the weather situation evolves.