Parent and Toddler Grants

The Parent and Toddler grants for 2020 are now open for applications. 

The DCYA have announced Revised Parent and Toddler grant guidelines, due to Covid 19 uncertainty for groups the following expenses are allowable for this year:

·         Training courses (e.g. paediatric first aid, committee skills, parenting etc.) where these can be conducted remotely and are completed in this calendar   year

·         Children’s activities (e.g. arts and crafts, music) where the CCC is satisfied that these can be carried on safely under Covid-19 health protocols

·         Expenditure on rent and insurance will be allowed up to 100% of total funding on the provision that the grantee can demonstrate to the CCC the need for P&T funding to meet these costs rather than from the P&T group’s own resources. Financial records relating to this spend must be maintained and it should be noted that the raising of the threshold from 30% to 100% of funding for this element is strictly on a once off basis for 2020.

Closing Date for applications is 2nd October 2020, please contact for further information

*Please note only groups that are currently active or planning to be active this year should apply for the grant