Daily Routine

Daily Routines


HighScope Daily Routine 

The link below is an article from the HighScope Educational Research Foundation and gives a general overview of the HigScope Daily Routine. The article provides a rational for the day's events that supports children's security and independence. It also provides a short explanation on the components of the routine.



The Importance of a Predictable Routine in Preschool 

The importance of a predictable routine in preschool in the  link below is by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. and was written for the Teach Preschool website.

The blog explains the importance of following a daily routine that is adapted to the children’s interests or needs.

The length of time a service may spend during one  part of the routine  may vary from  day to day but the pattern or order of events throughout each day need to be  consistent and predictable



The Environment: Schedules and Routines

This website created by experts at the Ohio State University, Virtual Lab School (VLS), is an easy to navigate online professional development and resource system for professionals to build their knowledge and skills around research-based practices in child care and youth development. The web pages are supported by a variety of professional development videos, research-based content, and some interactive learning materials.

This site also provides information and short videos on Learning environments both indoor and outdoor and information and videos on materials for these environments and is available at;


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