Step 5: Contact Key Organisations

Step 5: Contact Key Organisations


There are organisations you are obliged by law to contact and others whose services are simply indispensable to anyone providing childcare. You should seek out as much advice, support and information as possible, and make sure you are part of the support networks of childcare providers in your area, in the county and in the country at large.

The Department of Children and Youth Affairs is responsible for implementing the National Childcare Strategy 2010-2013. The key objective of the National Childcare Strategy is to “further develop the national childcare infrastructure to meet the needs of children and their parents for quality early childhood care”.

The Environmental Health Officer (Health Service Executive) will offer advice and support on environmental health-related issues about your building and services.

The Preschool Officer (Tusla, Child and Family Agency) will offer advice and support on preschool regulations and inspect your premises.

The Fire Officer (Kildare County Council) will advise on the proper fire prevention and emergency procedures as well as your fire safety statement.

The Kildare County Childcare Committee will offer information, guidance and support in every aspect of childcare provision. They will also provide application forms and advise on the Government Funding schemes – Early Childhood Care and Education Programme (ECCE) (Free Preschool Year), Training and Employment Childcare (TEC), Community Childcare Subvention Programme (CCS).

The Kildare Local Enterprise Office will assist you with the business and commercial aspects of your enterprise, and assists some projects through direct financial support.


The County Kildare LEADER Partnership will provide support in relation to community development e.g. pre-development work with communities in relation to identifying needs, developing responses and supporting the establishment of Voluntary Management Committees.


The Kildare County Council Planning Department will oversee the preparation of your planning application.


Early Childhood Ireland, Montessori Ireland and Na Naíonraí Gaelacha will provide you with important publications including those for keeping medical records, child records and staff records, as well as registers and accident/incident books. They also organise training programmes, a network system and general support for members.

Barnardos through its National Children’s Resource Centre, offer one of the best locations for information and research on children and childcare.


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