We're going on a Bug Hunt!


We all know we feel better when we get outside.. so, given the current situation, even if you just have a balcony, a little garden, or can get out for a walk within 2km of your home, try and encourage your children to spend some time outdoors over these two weeks of extended limitations. While you’re out you might enjoy a little bug hunt game, making the home magnifying glass is a fun indoor activity too if you have a glue gun, or strong tape.. or try your own version!


Insect / Bug Hunt



Now the weather’s getting warmer, more minibeasts are out and about. So it’s a great time to go on a bug hunt! We’ve put together some advice on how to go about it, and a list of creepy crawlies you might discover.

How to look for minibeasts

Many minibeasts like to live in dark, damp places, so this is a good place to start. Peek under large stones and logs to see who’s hiding there. Peer into the cracks in tree bark, deadwood, and walls. Poke your nose into the long grass to see who’s crawling among the blades.

Lots of creepy crawlies live in trees too. Lay a piece of white cloth, such as an old sheet or pillow case, under a tree or bush and shake the branches. You’ll be surprised how many tiny creatures fall out!

Remember – bugs are very tiny and are probably scared of you. Be really careful if you pick them up and make sure you put them back where you found them.


Bug hunting kit

You don’t really need anything, apart from sharp eyes. But these things might come in useful too.

  • Some clear containers to trap bugs so you can get a closer look. You can buy special bug hunting pots or use any container with a lid but make sure the animal can breathe without escaping. 
  • A spoon to gently scoop them up
  • A magnifying glass to examine really tiny details this is the really fun bit that you can examine and watch for hours
  • Bug ID sheets – woodland trust's minibeast hunt sheet is a good one to start with.


You can make your own magnifying glass at home if you do not have one to hand a great youtube video with steps at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxGkF8ORD80

This is not difficult and can be part of the activity to extend and make full use of the day.  You will need PVA glue, an empty plastic bottle and a stick to hold.  Remember to have fun with the doing!!!! Take your time and enjoy.

This is a fabulous resource from the Aistear/ Siolta practice guide, while it is aimed at preschool services it might just give parents ideas to help them entertain the children during this time: https://lincprogramme.ie/blog/creating-challenging-outdoor-environments


Bernie Connell Development Officer KCCC