Why Stay In?

Why Stay In?

Was the message from Éanna ni Lamhna, well known Biologist, author, and expert on Irish ecology and wildlife, at last evenings talk ‘How to Go Wild in the Great Outdoors’, hosted by KCCC.

Éanna kept everyone entertained during her talk, great storyteller that she is. She also shared a lot of knowledge with us about insects and wildlife.

Her argument is that children find nature and the outdoors fascinating, spending time with them learning about nature is a win for everyone!

She urged us not to pass our phobias on to young children, especially since few Irish creatures are really a threat.

Some of her suggestions for looking at insects and bugs included-

  • A log pile
  • Some old carpet left on the ground for a few weeks
  • A jar sunk in the ground

..and see what crawls out when you lift them up!

The only pieces of equipment Éanna recommended were:

- possibly a bug box – these have a magnifying lid which make for great viewing, while protecting the insects from curious hands;

and maybe an umbrella:

 – turned upwards under a tree in leaf.. by shaking the tree you will catch lots of insects, which can then be examined.

Another thing Éanna reminded us to do with young children is to have a few quiet moments, listening outdoors. She suggests closing our eyes for just a few minutes to really notice the sounds outside, which will usually include birds, maybe wind and rain … and just allow children to have some quiet time and explore their senses while outdoors. Texture is another thing we can notice with eyes closed, such as the bark of a tree.

Some wise advice Éanna, and yes, why would we stay in when there is so much to do, even in a small outdoor area!

Éanna kindly shared her free books on wildlife, birds, insects etc. They can be found at:


She also has a new book published ‘Our Wild World’, which we are really looking forward to reading!